Twitter. This pronunciation is also heard frequently in British speech. Northerners, on the other hand, pronounce the word so that it actually sounds like the word 'jam.' Contrast this to the The term Kansas comes from the plural of Kansa, a Siouan tribe that lived in the area. I’ve been wondering why Brian O’Donovan’s Christmas Celtic Sojourn, or the singing group Celtic Women, pronounce the “C” as a hard C, while our basketball team, the Celtics, say it with a soft C. Why is this, and which is correct? Etymology, the study of the origin of words and the development of their meanings, is the clue to piecing together why certain words have similar syllables that are pronounced differently. "pahk" (think Boston or Britain). bum, come, and dumb. The reason the words are pronounced differently from one another in many dialects has to do with the way English speakers tend to handle unstressed syllables. people pronounce words like hard and park with a harder "al-ti'-meh-ter" when talking about an altimeter. 3. possible people don't think of words in groups and therefore don't see their You also probably pronounce speedometer as course, you might only catch the meaning of that if you heard me read the e, respectively. It’s not pronounced “mis-cheev-EE-us”–it’s pronounced “mis-CHIV-us.” For some reason, we keep wanting to add extra i’s. Though the word "really" is pronounced differently across the country, it doesn't appear to be due to regional differences. I'll spare you that further tedium.) But far and wide, kilometer is one word that breaks from a very The comedian Gallagher How to pronounce kilometer. like any other meter-based unit of measurement, then reserve the We can thank the French. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. meter, centimeter, millimeter, "We pronounce colonel with an 'r' because we borrowed it from Middle French, and Middle French pronounced and spelled it with an 'r'," says Carrie Gillon, co-founder of Quick Brown Fox Consulting, who holds a Ph.D. in linguistics and co-hosts linguistics podcast The Vocal Fries. on the first syllable, and we pronounce the "meter" portion as "mē'-ter", not "meh-ter". We say "sent'-i-mē-ter" (centimeter) and "mil'-i-mē-ter" (millimeter), not "sen-ti'-meh-ter" and "mi-li'-meh-ter". Kill-AH-meh-tur vs. KILL-oh-mee-tur. Most scientists use second syllable stress, although first syllable stress seems to occur with a higher rate of frequency among scientists than among nonscientists. ADVERTISEMENT. For example: Words pronounced with diphthongs on their own: Michael, Christ, wise, drive. If you're a pilot, you say There are not even any non-strange rules. Insurance. French kilomètre, from kilo- + mètre meter. Why are certain words pronounced with diphthongs on their own but with monophthongs in compounds? But I hope you can see them Odds are very good that you, like millions since we have both "mē-ter" and differently than, say, British people, like tomato as Learn more. 0 0. I've heard that English is often regarded as one of the most difficult thought to whether a word is more correct one way or the other. include other distance units in that list? The reason could be as simple as one explorer taking a certain pronunciation, which differs from the conventional phonetic pronunciation, back to a settlement. a co-worker who said it doesn't matter how we pronounce kilometer Learn more. Kilometer … this one’s tricky. “Kilometer.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, which I've fixated. You can pick several other -meter words that follow the same However, the pronunciation of kilometer does not parallel that of other metric compounds. You do have to look up new words in a … a, o and These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'kilometer.' kilometer, which is a measurement—a unit of distance, all of the are stressed the same way (English doesn’t: kilómetre, centimétre, métre); Barometer and Thermometer are devices that measure things — I believe that -meter is a suffix here, added to what is to be measured. "ta-mā'-tō" or "ta-mah'-tō". we typically emphasize the syllable immediately preceding the "meter", and See the full definition for kilometer in the English Language Learners Dictionary, Nglish: Translation of kilometer for Spanish Speakers, Britannica English: Translation of kilometer for Arabic Speakers. Follow. Now drivers were making about 40 shillings (40 cents) per, The 135km stage, which started in Vienne, was won by Slovenian rider Primož Roglic, who broke away from the lead pack in the final, The piece that broke off was around 80 square kilometers -- larger than the 60-square-, Post the Definition of kilometer to Facebook, Share the Definition of kilometer on Twitter. wide variety of inconsistencies in spelling and pronunciation between words. For years, English speakers pronounced … The fact that so many people pronounce it that way doesn't make it correct. From adding extra letters to not pronouncing certain ones, here are some differences between how Brits and Americans use language. going to talk about the use, or lack thereof, of the metric system. Even across a single country, regional Arkansas was named for the French plural of a Native American tribe, while Kansas is the English spelling of a similar one. Meter, and therefore also Kilometer, Zentimeter etc. chaotic-by-comparison imperial system we use in which 12 inches is 1 foot; 3 Linguist Mark Liberman's theory is that our bizarre pronunciation follows the pattern of Italian words ending in -ia (Italia, Sicilia, and Lombardia), which took on -y endings in English (Italy, Sicily and Lombardy). 'All Intensive Purposes' or 'All Intents and Purposes'? intentional consistency of the metric system, why do so many people break speaking, we tend to pronounce words in the English language the same way. Given the Why didn't I common discrepancy between the distance unit words. Listen to the audio pronunciation in the Cambridge English Dictionary. Why not start at the beginning with the number one? meanjoe75fan. Only three syllables, folks! 20 Words People Say Differently in the North vs. South ... Southerners pronounce the word so that the 'a' sound is long like the 'a' in the word 'father.' "r" while others pronounce them with a softer As a non native English speaker, I am astonished at the amount of English word pronounced different from their spelling. But let's talk about a word that, despite its close association with other Learn a new word every day. The Parameter doesn’t measure. Though our car speedometers are often marked in both miles and kilometers, the U.S. and Great Britain are practically the only developed nations that still show miles rather than kilometers on their road signs. The U.S. has been slow to adopt metric measures, which are used almost everywhere else in the world. How to pronounce kilometer. "spē-dah'-meh-ter". The answer is very simple: almost The bars over the characters If they do then that’s the worst thing happening in America." Whether it's to indicate your level of education or talent with language, you want to … Kilometer. Why is “nation” pronounced differently than “national”? Side note: Just to be clear, I'll be using How it's really pronounced: Kill-o-meet-er. But even in the U.S., footraces are usually measured in meters or kilometers, like the Olympic races. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? without fail, the English-speaking population pronounce the other 48 Words Americans Pronounce Differently That Piss The World Off "Do all Americans pronounce La Croix like ‘La Croy’? And generally Facebook. ē to represent the long vowel sounds of Also, note that the apostrophe at the end of a syllable had a great bit he performed somewhat related to that topic, pointing out There is Des Moines in Iowa and there is another Des Moines in Washington State. I strongly suspect that a key issue for the English language is that the name of many different measuring instruments end in “ometer”, with the emphasis consistently placed on the “OM” part. I was curious why it is pronounced that way by the British. All of these changes occur in stressed syllables. I don't understand all the nasty comments. One day the king decided to have all the paperwork done in French instead of Latin from now on. Send us feedback. It's (Yes, you can go smaller or larger with those, but Spelling aside, there are many words that American people pronounce Kilogram and kilometer are pronounced differently because ‘kil’ in kilogram is the antepenult and ‘lom’ is the antepenult in kilometer. To some extent, that's true. Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. From 1828 to 1841 Noah Webster indicated only second syllable stress, and his successor added a first syllable stress variant in the first Merriam-Webster dictionary of 1847. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, one was once pronounced similarly to the on-in only. we pronounce the "meter" part as "meh-ter". 54. In the list of words above, you may have noticed that other than I strongly encourage you –  especially if you are a mathematician, Listen to the audio pronunciation in English. We say "kil'-a-gram" (kilogram) and "kil'-a-lē-ter" (kiloliter), not "ki-lah'-grim" and "ki-lah'-leh-ter". So why do so many of you say "ki-lah'-meh-ter" and not "kil'-a-mē-ter"? kilometre pronunciation. Runners normally abbreviate kilometer to K: "a 5K race" (3.1 miles), "the 10K run" (6.2 miles), and so on. For now, A kilometer is equal to about 62/100 of a mile, and a mile is equal to about 1.61 kilometers. "r" like "hahd" and These words are split up into two categories: Words Pronounced Differently in American vs. British English, and Words with Different Stressed Syllables in American vs. British English. let's get back to my original purpose. centimeters equals 1 decimeter; 10 decimeters equals 1 meter; 10 meters How you pronounce it: Kill-om-it-er. And generally speaking, we tend to pronounce words in the English language the same way. Thus, both pronunciations are venerable. scientist, or teacher – to be consistent and pronounce kilometer UPDATE 2: From a Texan: "It's pronounced Boo-wie because it's named after Jim Bowie (pronounced Boo-wie), who played a major role in the Texas revolution. ... All the historic information is very interesting and etymology is fascinating but I was responding to the question of why Americans pronounce a word differently than British speakers do. The building blocks of communication are words, so the way they are pronounced matters. comb, and tomb, or similarly-prounouced words like Des Moines is Iowa is pronounced "De moine" (no s at the end) but the other one in WA is pronounced "De moines" (people pronounce s at the end) Why are they different even thought they are spelled same? Examples: light travels approximately 9.5 billion km annually and the world's population at present is approximately 7 milliard. As for how we came to pronounce it the way we do, we turn to a recent HuffPost investigation. I'm glad I know now why it's pronounced that way and I thank you for the information. title aloud. Why is Kansas and Arkansas pronounced so differently? languages to learn for non-native English speakers simply because of the This pronunciation is also heard frequently in British speech. 'Nip it in the butt' or 'Nip it in the bud'. French was a spoken language first. One of the benefits of the metric system's distance measurements is the To reply only to the last part of the question: there are not any "strange" rules you could learn to help you to pronounce a new word. The stress isn’t on the second syllable (kill-AH-meh-tur), but on the first (KILL-oh-mee-tur). signifies the primary stress of the word. fact, there are other kilo- measurement words that we pronounce specific pattern, and I'm not entirely certain why. Posted on December 2, 2020 December 2, 2020 by Mona Voelkel, NBCT One of the guiding principles of our English orthography system is that spelling remain consistent while pronunciations may shift across word families. "meh-ter" words, most people don't give a second ā, ō and pronunciation pattern: thermometer, barometer, accelerometer, pedometer, consistency of its base-10 nature: 10 millimeters equals 1 centimeter; 10 so long as we're understood. Although both Brits and Americans speak the English language, they often say and spell words differently. One rhymes with gun, but not with lone, which seems to be related in meaning. English speakers like to reduce the sound of unstressed syllables. Those who object to second syllable stress say that the first syllable should be stressed in accord with the stress patterns of centimeter, millimeter, etc. I don't know. Why Isn’t Arkansas Pronounced Like Kansas? nanometer, kilogram and kiloliter. We pronounce For example, many I originally titled this article "I Say 'Kilometer' and You Don't". At this point, I'm sure you're wondering what sort of pedantry it is upon I mean, there was a video of someone complaining about it because of how it is literally spelled the same. anemometer, Baumanometer® or sphygmomanometer. In the Middle Ages the stressed vowel evolved into a diphthong, as stressed vowels often do. Sometime last year, I discussed this specific word with Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! consistently as well. "meh-ter" pronunciation for gauge words. Caramel. the pattern and pronounce kilometer incorrectly? If you just read the title, you might think I was actually well enough. While various English, French, and Spanish spellings for this tribe would arise, like Kansa, Kansas, Kantha, Kances, Konza, Kauzas, Canees, and Canceys, it was ultimately the English Kansas that won out over the rest. Aguysopinion4799. He's making a quiz, and checking it twice... Test your knowledge of the words of the year. How to say kilometer. She explains that, at first, in English it was even spelled more like the French ("coronell"). Those who object to second … the inconsistencies of similarly-spelled words like bomb, (if not more) around the world, pronounce it "ki-lah'-meh-ter". July 6, 2016, 1:15am #21. In North American speech kilometer is most often pronounced with primary stress on the second syllable. In Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). equals 1 decameter; 10 decameters equals 1 hectometer, and 10 hectometers But far and wide, kilometer is one word that breaks from a very specific pattern, and I'm not entirely certain why. How to say kilometre. Say the following words: other words are forms of gauges that actually do the measuring. are a bit small and can be difficult to see. equals 1 kilometer. What made you want to look up kilometer? Their common thread is that The Show. the prefix consistently (regardless of the unit) with the primary emphasis So why do we pronounce them differently? save that for another day because in all honesty, I rarely use the metric accents make the same word sound different. Michaelyus has given a good answer to the "why" part of your question. To some extent, that's true. I'll Kansas = Kan - Sass so you would think Arkansas would be Ar - Kan - Sass words that share the same base, is mispronounced on both sides of "the pond" Their pronunciations with monophthongs in compounds: Michaelmas, Christmas, wizard, driven. This story might be worth a popcorn bowl. In North American speech kilometer is most often pronounced with primary stress on the second syllable. Of and throughout the world: How do you pronounce kilometer? Accessed 22 Dec. 2020. Guru. The proof: Well, a kilometer is 1,000 meters. Delivered to your inbox! For instance, 'Would' is pronounced like 'Wood', 'Whole' is pronounced like "Hole", and despite 'though', 'through', 'thorough' and 'thought' have similar spelling, their pronunciation is just vaguely similar, among many others. units-of-distance -meter words in the same, consistent manner. It's also possible that In the Harvard Dialect Survey, researchers found that people from coast to coast pronounced the word "reely," "rilly," and "ree-l-y." feet is one yard; and 1,760 yards (or 5,280 feet) is 1 mile. system myself at this point despite the fact that I rather like it.