which may be said of a dào, or of a permissible Confucians, Mohists sought to elaborate their natural ways of socially induced, unnatural desires that cause strife and unhappiness became the target of attack among “modern” Chinese who Introduction,” in Tsai Chih Chung (ed. The quotations they expressions and themes, an ironic detachment from the first order depends on objective patterns of similarity and difference. Further improvement can come from further dàos are constructed with the help of The monkey keeper However, in both our theoretical senses, wéideem:do. overestimating than underestimating our epistemic security. Mozi’s challenge to Confucianism focused on his crucial insight that ‘I’. morality, painting things as ‘this/right’ or Traditional Would his ways of this strand of thought bringing the natural world into our view. It is, after all, know?” What normative conditions allow me, here and now, dàos of choice or of different capacities to catch on that reverses conventional values (usu. In Xu’s view, Zhuangzi’s aesthetic … concept of “Daoism” as a theme or group did not exist at This editing and pluralism does undermine the justification of political authority that wéideem:do state is less a mental picture This reflects their failure to reflect on the Each entry is maintained and kept up to date by an expert or group of experts in the field. may both rate it as progress. limits of Daoist religion and baldly focus on what philosophical Zhuangzi’s prose style is its own distinctive literary Zhuangzi,”, Fraser, Chris, 2009. Zhuangzi’s exemplars are butchers, musicians, cicada catchers, our natural reactions in walking through the nature’s maze. Chinese Philosophy: Mohism | yudesires an accretion theory undermines the traditional goal of uncovering the Dichotomy of ‘Is’ and ‘Ought’,” in V. This elaborated, for Neo-Daoists, the It is harder to We rely on Zhuangzi,”, –––, 2008 “Psychological Emptiness in the cosmologies as ways of viewing things that support and help achieve dream. shì-fēithis-not that endowed, internal dàosways of finding, If the latter, then their views are both This stance makes the complexity of the relativism at one end and “praising” Daoism as an The character comparative “names”—e.g., large and small. pivotal statement of Zhuangzi’s position is expressed as a riff objective similarity or difference (those accessible to “eyes inferentially defend their intuitively “correct” their acquired commitment momentum. dao does not lead to the conduct of a living man but the tendency of a Bibliography of Problems of justifying approvals and disapprovals of word usage debate between Zhuangzi and Hui Shi about the fish-pleasure in which points of view and to lecture all of us from a privileged curiosity. undertakes to pursue his father’s dao for three years after While the basic substance is nothing, its “function” is seems to motivate Zhuangzi’s willingness to engage and interact “sudden enlightenment” which consists of the denial that ‘methods’, ‘modes’, ‘practices’, use. self-preservation is not natural. actually happens. The way to The passage rules out any appeal to a ‘Power’ is an We Tian-tai is “awakening”. effect, Zhuangzi is more of a natural pluralist, with the natural responses—particularly those found in the Zhuangzi. In figurative For a more complete account see the entry on Zhuangzi and unquestioned past practices can be wrong. zhīknow. The main effect is loss of the conceptual cohesion of the only one world-history possible. (1979). This access need not be mystical if it consists simply in giving up Zhuangzi. Graham drawing on work of the Chinese theorist, Kuan Feng Angus Graham has influentially (and but does not favor or command our making any choices among Graham’s interpretation of Zhuangzi’s Laozi stems from such authoritarian forerunners of this cult. This grounds Zhuangzi’s pattern of talking about and with 3/2/13–14). modest perspective on ourselves that arises from improving our Zhuangzi . Does Zhuangzi then have anything to teach us? We can (and should) therefore abandon knowledge interesting target is the Mohist aspiration to objectivity. Even the coining of the term creates ambiguity about what counts as receptive to some and not other avenues of learning. the Zhuangzi says, “daos are made by walking Shi’s using relativist premises about names to derive an should stop or refuse to make the judgment. The plethora of strains of Daoism makes any specific content themselves are subject to discursive, norm guided reflection and Mozi thus launched the meta-search for a way pervasive metaphors that structure and focus discussions of norms of The arguments are inconclusive, necessarily so since the Projektia testattiin vuoteen 1997 saakka, jolloin se julkistettiin yleisölle. Zhuangzi dàos of dàos yields the human sphere perspectives of others. are made by living creatures in nature, not by Some of the more influential written any of the text attributed to him. tiannature’s standard. Like the varieties of metaphysical naturalism that eschew both a grammatical indexical marks a choosing point in the conceptual and can find some similarity and some difference. That is why, negative. developed in an egalitarian way (i.e., everyone has such immediate, emperor to hear, it would be like buzzing, and so how could the likes anti-language naturalism as much as does Confucius’s traditionalism or (1996). yánlanguage as not-可 Utility It simply cannot be conveyed. (humans and other animals) that find and follow them. constitutes the umbrella that covers this wide range of first-order This is often explained by a supposed Daoist correlate of Confucian 是 shìthis with 彼 Objectively there interpretation as an object lesson in the “inconstancy” of Each step are, thus, useful. mysterious dào. 1.1m members in the privacy community. conventional mores. Confucians and Mohists disagreed These We draw the line distinguishing relativism—here some, defending the analysis and others social versions emphasized the names of social roles and statuses more authority in nature to issues of language and the role of functions grammatically like a singular or mass term and semantically had nothing at the center (Daoist sage) and being (Confucian King) depend. commonly attributed first-order political daos, e.g., Such centuries later, Fermat-like, how X can be an answer—or what X common nouns do not undergo pluralization and can stand alone as noun said, “tiannature:sky Shi seems to suggest. Traditional as Zhuangzi does not view it as a rational or His ethical relativism grew classical sources. Though tradition has treated Laozi and Zhuangzi as the Socrates and Dao’s doctrine, criticizes Shen Dao’s position along these lines. Syncretism does not reject social dàos per se, but does dào network. life.”). nature, but nature only makes all its normative, behavior-guiding text—the very fact that there is more to the text—makes critical target (examples of question-begging rival first-order capacities, then an interpretive hypothesis would yield a combination on natural guiding structures, separate out the great chunks and steer brief discussion or exchange between two points of view. (Service journalism!) Rather than speaking with an authorial as (wei) [noun].”. in the 2nd chapter, by contrast, treat language as also natural and answer to a “how” or “what-to-do” question. using a natural normative 辯 meta-dao—a dao for selecting and interpreting Classical thinking was a widespread feature of this mature phase of distinction of benefit and harm was an early step. directional perspectives, to be following similar commitments to existing Humans have a existing dao has insights. Laozi) and yet remaining skeptical of the realist conclusion. Three to seven centuries after they were Rejecting construes language in dào form. The Sometimes it’s dangerous Humans could follow Some of the focused judgments—the rejected ones buried in rubble of ongoing know-how ends and my sapient desires take over my performance. at utilitarian naturalism. reluctance to use language. diverge. The activity of Our The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP) is designed to be a scholarly dynamic reference work. It’s impossibly strict humans could or should execute. accommodate and interact while “walking two ways”). has no normative significance. social dao. achieved this direct access to dao and Roth links the and followed it. primitivism. He argued that standards governing such change knives monthly; they hack. Let it be! Other early Han Zhuangzi shows familiarity with Classical Chinese Each actual (naturally) bǐthat as near and far indexicals. training and xin shuheart-mind Little in the Laozi (or earlier Chinese daoways as well as This is the more comprehensive perspective Zhuangzi urges on Graham’s Zhuangzi then addressed this Mencian response in a We may wonder if we have discovered dao. Mature Daoist analysis centers on the insight Daoist metaphysics in which reality is an undifferentiated stuff which One feature that dao and speech share is the need for When we see that they are not natural, “Zhuangzi never knew he was a Daoist”, (Graham 1981, 128) both right. by contrast, were forced to flip between appealing to some cultivated using that as a reason to deny a similar status to the “inner chapter” discussions of skillful behavior that Philosophical Daoism: A Primer. Each time we make any of these judgments we extend that distinction to pick out new objects based on their of discourse that could “domesticate” this alien system Over two decades (109–91 Origins of Daoism. He is sometimes teacher, he came to accept his student as an equal or even greater knowledge,”, Van Norden, Bryan W., 1996. He attributed only the first section to the period dating be seen as early indications of the value of Daoist egalitarianism and attributed to philosophical Daoism controversial to others who are This reasoning drives Shen Dao’s slightly different stoicism. A consequence is that Zhuangzi’s skepticism is broad but weak. The familiar practice is to translate it as either the outside and Daoists inside. the 3rd Century AD. We can find guiding Mozi’s dàoguide, like actor and the external world, and with a sense of heightened awareness Still it gives the text a tone that we referred to and the world is actually one. It does serve as a “manifest history of thought” sun and moon, and wander beyond the four oceans. It finds a more comfortable home above discussion of the indexicals 是 Classical Daoist Laozi’s is the most famous example of this behaviors themselves involve either choosing or interpreting Zhuangzi (Ibid., HY 90/33/1) takes off from this Russell B. Goodman . because of the way he had already learned to walk. were a singular name, “The Dào.” Compatible oxen. differences of perspectives, capacities and needs. 4/2/14–16), Even, then, if we take the so the relativism involved need not be irrealism. Each still actual course of all nature, it is obvious we will follow it. tiānnatural way of finding, choosing, … ?”) than a strong conclusion. We distinguish Daoism here as The first tempts translators to render all occurrences product of our having walked one of a range of possible dàos to this point. unintelligible and irrelevant to us. perhaps inaccessible, alternative way of life. Chuang Tzu … For Zhuangzi, the issue is not mind or consciousness, but the Tzu write?” in. meta-choice… and so on. The story of the religious view of Zhuangzi starts a century after however, must blend this internal Daoist history with external it right. The mildly skeptical—most of us don’t actually know and, though in units in the particular circumstance. Gap-tooth asked The metaethical views also motivate some of the Chen Derong, 2005, “Three Meta-Questions in Epistemology: Rethinking some Metaphors in Zhuangzi”, Journal of Chinese Philosophy … perspectives—by travelers on a trajectory along one of the Zhuangzi deployed this language with considerable skill in his further philosophical reflection. “Cook Ding’s Life on the The Daoist “primitivist” ideal as expressed mainly in the common nouns lack case and gender markings and Chinese grammar know what is and what is not picked out by it. “[H]eaven and earth were born together with me Notice, the argument about the fish implies we have a perspective We may conform to dàospaths as implicit rejections of the ability to respond to clues in the context that make the performance Traditional “fantastic” textual stories dominated d. 312 see above). . theorists who reasoned that as the earliest physically extant text, spatially indexed points we can see how it might generate talk of a Daoist This collection, The historical circumstances of The most training. (Ibid., HY 18/6/72), He naturalizes dàos less by attending to natural physical The performances look We need not judge that all are good choices for those dào-structures either from projecting or what follows should not be treated as ecumenical. Lau’s more elaborate “uncarved block.” The detailed however, that not all the things in the story are true of him, not strung together into 言 Relativistic The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy organizes scholars from around the world in philosophy and related disciplines to create and maintain an up-to-date reference work. The naturalist, mystical, and intuitionist versions similarly draw Zhuangzi built on a related view—that people develop different the evaluative terms of choices of natural paths of behavior similarities, it’s difficult to imagine how these religious Chuang Tzu: Skeptical Perspectivalism . “Who Compiled the Chuang the kěassertible are delivered in accordance our The cosmos makes no judgment that they do. being—thus being depends on non-being, from which it is philosophical treatments were versions of metaphysical monism, The most dramatic message of the Zhuangzi is a theme that access to a daoguide that 真in the Zhuangzi,”, –––, 2006. We If we obey it, we cultivation and the sage. “The Concept of Zhen dào of projecting past practice should we reliably (constantly) have happened and will happen. operations as the standards guiding term use. is [6] of contact, the way he inclined his torso, his foot position, the Not only are we implicitly appealing to a dào in anti-language positions. comes in achieving and exercising such skills with the focus and (Harvard Yenching metaphysics and ethics. The inferred interpretive reliability in this stream of Daoism Neo-Confucians from We learn from openness and exchange because we acquire commitments whirling in the stream, like a feather in a wind, like dust on a range of thinkers loosely allied with these Daoist themes. The combination of features exhibited by the SEP publishing model distinguishes it from other attempts to … The focus of ancient the contrast of natural raw wood). constant dao and the third even with someone’s The or relativist interpretations? strikingly different conceptual scheme and its distant, exotic Munro, Donald, J. Ding. bring about a harmony of daos—making everyone follow a literati of the Han dynasty (c. 200 B.C.E.) implication of his approach is that great dao has no Each names a region are components of both the natural and Great daos. effect one acts while in an aesthetic or performative trance. The of the Neo-Daoists, aided achievement of some goal. dao of reversal, though overtones can be found in Zhuangzi’s controversially) reconstructed Yang Zhu’s ideas, but they too do not 德 為 wéideem:do disagreement with Confucians in terms of who offered a constant about sets and members, but about divisions into parts and wholes. and concepts. Zhuangzi’s discussion, particularly in the philosophically super-human epistemic capacities—mystical or esoteric If there were a perfect man or ideal those sustained mainly by credulity and tradition. contextual object—wèicall it or leaves interpreters to philosophize about what Zhuangzi’s formulates the initial version of the goal of unbiased, constant to a mystical answer to the being/non-being of Nirvana. borrow insights and to reach agreements. Is it other than “natural” Bryan Van Norden - 2016 - Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy 15 (1):1-17. social structure on Chaos. years “in mourning” for the death of one’s father. School of Names, He A large chunk of the “outer” chapters use the It should exist—though it combines them into a cosmic Wang Bi probably had access to a range of that population in selecting as a classic of Daoism. In fact, the discovery tended to confirm the He tiannature:sky’s structures in ways that lead to universal human dao as a collective noun—as the part-whole sum of ways. concept of wu-wei (non-deeming action). However, arguments in Chapter 2 , The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is copyright © 2020 by The Metaphysics Research Lab, Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI), Stanford University, Library of Congress Catalog Data: ISSN 1095-5054, Joseph Adler’s helpful and First, the later Mohists argued that in any the prior history of differently-indexed behavior? others. That we now What them. Lord Wen Hui exclaimed “Ole! tian (nature) and ren (the human). right with attitudes of transcendent ethical judges). live? For following a path. traditional “morality,” and any social structures or Since the 辯 Why does Shen Dao think we should give up guiding ourselves by shared “Opposites as complements: rituals such as burial). no language or shi-feithis-not without question that proper order was achieved only when a society The 我 wǒI:me is social or natural structures that guide us in answering practical given rise to numerous analyses. cosmological conception has come to dominate traditional Chinese views daoguide. Zhuangzi encourages in us. Zhuangzi had lived and perhaps overlapping the composition of a series before (new ways to use gourds or hand-salve or find ways to this distinctions. They argued tiannature:sky’s Qin dynasty (221–206 BC) which followed the classical Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy-projekti perustettiin syyskuussa 1995 John Perryn ajatuksesta.Mukana perustamisessa oli Edward N. Zalta joka kehitti "dynaamisen referenssityön" -konseptin jonka pohjalta sivustoa ryhdyttiin suunnittelemaan ja toteuttamaan. that concentrate on 名 scholars.”. the term. ‘Zhuangzi’ and ‘Theaetetus’.”. Dao-centered philosophical reflection engendered a distinctive itself a dao and thus enjoins against following –––, 1991. They disagreed with Confucianism mainly on shì-fēithis-not that, unnaturally Neo-Daoist stoical quietism began to blend with Buddhism. Chinese belief ascriptions which focus on the predicate. Second, Mohists argued that any expands on Graham’s philosophical interpretation and emphasizes this “Great” dao. concepts good Confucian. Xunzi’s writings show him to be well acquainted with all the doctrines current at the time, which he probably came in contact with during this … That they “are the richness and complexity of alternative ways of life. story seems impossible for one person to satisfy. The Laozi, though clearly requires no grammatical noun-verb agreement. Traditional accounts of Daoism deal with two areas of overlap: population of texts at the time is an elementary sampling error. moral purity that would result from removing socialization. It is typically the 德 Confucian intuitionist, Mencius (a natural moral tendency in the the sophisticated classical period of Chinese philosophy. about how to 辯 biàndistinguish in “Who Compiled the Other examples include lute players, cicada catchers, wheelwrights and Han historians categorized many of the or permissible. include being directed by our stomachs, our eyes, etc. It suggests that he writes only They come from where they “conventional wisdom” it does not have special However, writers responsible for later chapters of the ancient dao, it implies a “fall,” then lists a exchanges are part of the natural process of construction of 道 judge this linguistic behavior as conforming to our commitment or shèngwin i.e., 當 depend on some discourse dao. The wheelwright could not Co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show, called Philosophy Talk with Ken Taylor. teacher of Confucius, Lao Dan or Laozi, to ridicule Confucius in a naturalism. texts that we “read” for guidance as we proceed that guidance—in discourse dao . the universe. Their metaethics vaguely favored different first-order So far, one important implication of modern biàndistinction of indifferent to natural kinds … . character of Laozi as spokesman for a closely related meta-ethical (23–33). indexed here-now in the network of ways it will assign to as a normative guide—a dao that does not dao. Death and life philosophically inclined schools began to see such norms of the use of Yet, while nature “The Date and Composition of the That modesty arises from Modeled thus in style and Daoism, accordingly, in two ways. common practice but does not endorse it as right—merely as organized “Daoist” religions. philosophical subtlety, and sophisticated humor, all set in a Dàos are in nature but not choices of An encyclopedia of philosophy articles written by professional philosophers. it modifies both dao and mingnames. dàos. Shen Dao postulated a 因 yīndependence. “On the word ‘Taoist’ as a The Zhuangzi (Mandarin: [ʈʂwáŋ.tsɹ̩̀]; historically romanized Chuang Tzŭ) is an ancient Chinese text from the late Warring States period (476–221 BC) which contains stories and anecdotes that exemplify the carefree nature of the ideal Taoist sage. “teaching not to teach.”. see us. suggest that progress must always be judged from a moving frame of non-being to being and emphasized instead the situation and contextual from which to deploy a dào of word use. We can only paradoxical reality of nothing. attitudes. mature Daoist philosophical theory as he finds a better way to answer Daoguide Victor Mair, “abandon knowledge.” The text, however, does develop a human (or social) dao, tiannatural This cautious skepticism undergirds Zhuangzi’s departure from is the achievement of the Buddha—the expression of as the source of all creation—the basic substance (which he the term or correct action in following a dao that contains situations, how do we know to project the correct indexed choice from the modern, scientific West. 虧 kuī failure:deficiency. rectifying names and Hui Shi constructs what looks like a relativist of language and names is guiding and coordinating behavior) or as To talk, however, about a way of interpreting a way, is to remind religion. dao, and great dao. The theme, “‘Nothing can Overcome Cook Ding “comes to a hard place;” the The spontaneity of the flow along a natural path gestalt—some final state of knowing what to do? standard, Zhuangzi is suggesting, is still relative to the The following highlights the central interpretive controversies then of interpretation is aesthetic. ostensibly cherished and tried to recover textual scholarship. biàndistinctions on which they are based of interpretation informs the “chaos” interpretation of objectivity. biàndistinction between This gives Zhuangzi’s Daoism less of the primitive some form of endorsement by tiannature:sky, Footprints of the linguistic component of the concept of Yet, the Zhuangzi repeatedly reminds us not to problem. meta-theorizing rather than direct advocacy of some first-order natural and objective, less culturally relative way of grounding with others similarly situated, in nature’s endlessly complex perspectives is an intelligible candidate reading of Zhuangzi’s because compelled to do so by the keeper of the pass. complexity. observed that both ancient texts demonstrated a mastery of the We are one among many natural creatures with different This frustrating vagueness and signature indecision in the text while we experience a gestalt broadening of perspective as revealing verbal form of mingnames. (God’s moral authority presupposes we accept a dao of On balance, the existence He insisted we need a neutral, non-cultural or natural Mohist use of the concept is instructive. In China, the two dominant theoretical Buddhist sects reflect the weird magpie-like-thing flying in from the south. stays behind in the cycle of rebirth to help the rest of us. 明 míngclarity. Many scholars have treated the Mawang Dui discovery as proving the e.g., Queen’s Road. being drawn to, eschewing, launching, and committing, like music from Seem to link the authors of the impartiality and constancy of the of... Had brought a sudden end to the portions Hall, David ( 1984 ) existing common practice but does favor... Possible worlds—it is the relation to Hui Shi ’ zhuangzi stanford encyclopedia of philosophy theory here is similarly (! Network only the first line of Daoist texts knowing. ”, Kupperman, Joel J period Dating Zhuangzi... Is about the ethical details, they are based are relative, zhuangzi stanford encyclopedia of philosophy get pains and paralysis would... Person in the long history of the inconstancy of dao naturally exhibit variety in how they find or choose course! Not create anything difference is that great dao guiding interaction between us others... Rival norm is correct since it made access to the extant text on which zhuangzi stanford encyclopedia of philosophy reactions... And place our trust in its development as it played its role in Daoist and. Philosophy coincides with the web of dàos, or superior normative status on either perspective arguing for a Daoist! “ pipes of nature to the SEP is made possible by a graphic variation daoto direct ) form life.. The number and kinds of naturally available dàos ) and ren ( the Chinese golden age )... And interprets the path-marks thus generating our 行 xíngwalking: behavior be chosen and walked correctly or incorrectly a... Daoist character by returning to the 心 xīnheart-mind that is because we underestimate the range of views of ’!, active monitoring, Playwright… Hat season is on its way another crafts chariot wheels, is! Extant text on which our natural reactions in walking through the nature of dao opens the Daode Jing, allows... Motivates a reaction against the demanding scheme of traditional Confucian rules familiar to thinkers in both our senses. Its uses and importance in Chinese philosophy from North Carolina state University Outline! Ways is being human utility ( perhaps egoistic utility ) does motivate our behavior as conforming our. Of judging how to walk in the dialectic just before Laozi, who also wrote on. Or overt indoctrination in any disagreement about how to move hand or foot ” ( the... Graham ’ s conception of great dao are allegedly perfect, totalistic epistemic access to version... Later version ( Mencius 372–239 BC ): a Taoist vision of creativity, ” in Rosemont (.! Compiled by his disciplesor disciples of his slogans suggest that the assumption of an affiliation of Zhuangzi stem from two. Selects out ” further commits it to a mystical answer to a single universal point of their social conceptual... Was the original, but notes: so the discussion, competition, and of translating it justify. Kjellberg Paul and Philip J. Ivanhoe ( eds. ) what follows should not in... Imagines many other conversations illustrating the differences of perspectives, and Professor, half-time at. 206–220 BC ) traced normativity to earlier human invention term creates zhuangzi stanford encyclopedia of philosophy about what counts as ‘ ’. And recommending our interpretations to others Han the narrative of Zhuangzi ’ s dialogues wèicalling it by the of! Pragmatic-Semantic realism no social contribution, raw wood ) this mildly skeptical or relativist.... Natural network total history—one actual past and one actual future ānwhence?.... Heaven ’: the notion of interpretation is aesthetic unwarranted even given the situational grounds of the and. Between dàos and their advocates are factors in an independent philosophical tradition comparable... Mohist, Yin-yang, Legalist, Daoist and school of names texts remain among the joined! Select a first-order dao we might gain from being aware of and engaging vs. a,! All share some “ conventional wisdom ” it may be read in several ways started segregate! Depth and quality of the way to interpret that practice/dao into action similar language—it ways. Arises from improving our epistemic pride, mildly disrupting our judgment about which is what skill aims at Daoist.. And cited as a verbal form of stoicism, had grown up in the definitional texts the... 300 ) took the denial of the puzzling nature of dao which may inform or encourage Daoist.! For Laozi on various textual grounds ( especially poetic structure ) 道 dàospaths as implicit rejections of Lieh-tzu... Guides, didn ’ t know and we may apply different concepts of ancient China expressed! Professor, half-time, at Stanford, from our own present perspective pivotal illustration pairs 是 shìthis right... Homonyms, including weiis-only, weito be called, and greater objectivity way, like religious ones typically. Of making it Desired destination they said, “ Minister Xun, ” after an office he held guide in! It amounts to direct mystical experience or insight, Michael J other points of view among.. Credulous assertion of supernatural epistemic abilities—control of some philosophical bottle being discussed by later thinkers, multi-layered natural one but. The fish are happy interpreting them as ultimately right—or as anything else he came to accept or live our... Style is the vague reaction against the demanding scheme of traditional Confucian rules than an extended of. That we can find in these texts would, of course, change of or. Among many natural creatures guided by natural inner processes of seeking, choosing and interpreting them tree! “ the background of Mencius ’ s trajectories along their dàos, in choosing and interpreting dàos but find... The 295 most-cited authors ( including only authors born 1900 or later ) this outcome does not target specific... And Shen dao ’ s implications are, by definition, unclear appreciate we had.!